Sequel 3 for Windows 10


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Sequel 3 is a program designed for musicians who come together for the first time with making music on the computer. This combination of intuitive tools to record, edit, mix and play with great loops, instruments and effects. Sequel 2 runs on PC and MAC platforms. Is supplied with a powerful library: more than 5000 loops, 600 ready-made instruments, effects, and the same audio engine is preferred by world-class manufacturers around the world. Never make music on your computer is not so much fun! - Complete set, ready for immediate use - Record, edit and mix any style - More than 5000 loops from world famous manufacturers: Hip-Hop, R & B, Dance, Electronic, Pop, Metal, World, and many more - More than 600 ready-to-use instruments for more than 60 drum kits - A unique mode of "live" for remixing songs on the fly - Audio and MIDI tracks in sync with the tempo and the amount of the project in real time - Built-in studio-quality effects including EQ and Dynamics on every channel - More than 50 Audio Track Presets for different types of instruments, such as vocal - Cross-Platform: Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary New in version 3: - Working with MIDI controllers thanks to the Controller Learn - The ability to control the program in the live environment (controller required) - The ability to play chords using the computer keyboard or mouse - Icons for easier navigation marks in the arrangement and finding traces - The option of freezing tracks (Track Freeze) - MediaBay - this function provides an easy way to odbnaleźć stored audio files - New samples with effects editor: Free Warp and Audio Reverse - Setting the tempo using the computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard - The minimum latency for Windows Vista (even without ASIO drivers) thanks to the Windows Vista Core Audio - Export files in MP3 format (30-day option) - Recording the metronome with different volume NOTE! When you select "Download", you will be directed to the manufacturer, where you must register to be able to download the trial version of the program.